Should I become an Econiful member before registering for a professional development (PD) event?

Anyone can register for and attend our PD events, but if you are a current classroom teacher serving students in Grades 6+ you should become an Econiful member

Econiful members are eligible for giveaways associated with PD events and can access our on-demand modules. Creating a membership is fast and free.

Are Econiful’s PD events free?

Yes! You can access all our PD events at no charge. Of course, you incur an opportunity cost, but we’re confident the program will be better than your next best alternative.

Where do your PD events take place?

All Econiful PD events take place online. We offer live virtual PD via Zoom and self-paced PD modules via Nearpod.

Do you record your virtual PD events?

No. We believe Zoom-based professional development is at its best when educators can engage with the presenter, the content, and one another.

Will I receive a certificate of professional development when I participate in an Econiful event?

Yes. Everyone who attends a typical Econiful PD event (60 or 75-minute session) and misses no more than 15 minutes of the program will receive a certificate of professional development.
If the program is 1.5+ hours and you attend at least half of the program you will receive partial PD hours.